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Hi, I'm David Bausmith. Welcome to my profile!

David Bausmith's Bio:

David Bausmith is Regional Operations Manager of Site Mitigation/Remediation at AEI Consultants, a nationwide environmental engineering consulting firm. He is a licensed professional engineer in 14 states and site remediation expert that has managed $5M+ complex redevelopment projects, providing expertise in environmental compliance, innovative remediation technologies, and Brownfield redevelopment. David Bausmith has served on technical committees that developed regulatory guidance under New Jersey's Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA), and published numerous papers on the effective use of sustainable remediation practices and in-situ remediation technologies. He is a father of two, and resides in Princeton, New Jersey..   

David Bausmith's Experience:

  • Regional Operations Manager, Site Mitigation at AEI Consultants

    Managing Site Remediation/Mitigation services for Eastern US. Provide senior technical support on site remediation plans for commercial/industrial clients seeking to improve environmental conditions while enhancing profitability, and land developers seeking to rehabilitate historically-contaminated industrial property (Brownfields).

  • Owner, Principal Engineer at EnviResurgo

    Principal engineer and manager providing responsive, sustainable environmental consultation and engineering solutions that support core business growth for public and private clients throughout New Jersey. Responsible for developing strategies to streamline site closure under the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) and Administrative Requirements for Remediation of Contaminated Sites (ARRCS) via issuance of Response Action Outcomes (RAOs). Designed integrated in-situ and conventional remediation systems to effectively remediate complex contaminant plumes extending off-site while protecting active private business operations and public infrastructure. Engineered optimization of active remediation systems to address contaminant source areas, and replacement of inefficient soil/groundwater treatment systems with sustainable and/or in-situ remedies. Prepared federal/state grant applications for remediation, closure, or redevelopment per client’s specific needs.

  • Director of Engineering at ELM Group, Inc

    Responsible for management of corporate engineering services, including site/civil and remediation system designs. Developed corporate quality assurance and engineering standards/protocols. Provided results-oriented program management on complex chlorinated VOC and hexavalent chromium groundwater remediation projects. Created and implemented innovative technical solutions for reducing project schedule by 60% and related budget savings of approximately ($150K). Managed several of the earliest projects administered under the SRRA including unrestricted Response Action Outcomes (RAOs), equivalent to NJDEP No Further Action (NFA) letters.

  • Senior Environmental Manager at Dewberry-Goodkind, Inc

    Manager of Environmental Remediation services, leading a team of licensed professionals through various projects, while broadening corporate services and marketing new initiatives. The successful expansion of services into environmental compliance and remediation/Brownfield redevelopment markets led to two new clients. One of the earliest Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) in New Jersey. Served as senior project manager and primary client contact for on-call environmental engineering projects exceeding $3 million for NJ Transit, New Jersey Turnpike Authority, and New Jersey Department of Transportation. Responsible for contract administration and financial success of projects. Negotiated regulatory approvals leading to accelerated site closure and/or remediation cost-savings for clients; increased sales with existing clients by $400,000. Designed and implemented innovative remediation technologies and sustainable design to diversify the branch marketability. Active corporate representative on steering committees for Federal Environmental Management and New Jersey environmental regulatory programs. Authored first-ever chapter on Brownfield Redevelopment in the Land Development Handbook, published by McGraw-Hill.

  • Senior Project Manager at Van Note-Harvey Associates

    Managed corporate environmental design group, and served as senior engineer responsible for Brownfield, remediation, and water/wastewater services. Responsible for new client relationships and development, technical environmental design services, and market expertise in Brownfield redevelopment projects. Senior representation at public meetings, and management of public design/bid projects. Engineer of record for design and construction of private wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

  • Senior Engineer/Manager at Key Environmental, Inc

    Responsible for development and expansion of corporate regional office; hiring, training, and management of technical and administrative staff; implementation of project controls and financial management systems; development of new client relationships, and expansion of regional business development. Through effective client service, facilitated growth of corporate office in sales and staff, revenue, and client base. Diligent business developer, successfully negotiating and winning new work with two new clients in New Jersey. Negotiated critical project activities with state regulators to facilitate client’s procurement of cost-cap insurance policies; and, expedited completion of site remediation and redevelopment. Implemented cost-effective remedial approaches including in-situ stabilization, and prepared remedial alternatives analyses for $1MM+ remediation/redevelopment projects. Responsible for all regulatory compliance aspects of projects completed in accordance with the NJAC 7:26E. Served as senior engineer on several complex projects, including the remediation of coal gasification wastes, and remediation/redevelopment of an 8-acre former wood treating facility for use as a marine-cargo storage facility by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Supervised in-situ soil stabilization of 15,000 CY and 54,000 CY of contaminated soil at two former wood treating facilities with remedial construction costs >$2 million, reducing total remedial costs up to $500K, and leading to No Further Action (NFA) from regulators. Utilized innovative technologies such as laser-induced-fluorescence to investigate subsurface Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPLs), which reduced remediation requirements by ~15%, and resulting in client cost-savings of ~$100K. Responsible for design and field quality assurance during construction 4,500 LF slurry wall, 6,000 LF steel sheet pile wall, waste pile stabilization, and NAPL recovery. Designed site drainage and grading/earthwork for engineered surface cover utilizing processed dredge material at contaminated sites up to 125 acres in size. Implemented in-situ chemical oxidation for chlorinated hydrocarbons using potassium permanganate. Served as engineer-of-record for groundwater remediation system treating chlorinated hydrocarbons at active commercial site. Responsible for engineering design of remedial surface cover using cement-stabilized soil and asphaltic concrete, water supply system, and site drainage system. Provided field construction quality assurance oversight to ensure contractor’s compliance with remedial construction specifications and project completion schedule.

  • Staff Engineer at Geraghty & Miller, Inc

    Responsible for operation, maintenance and optimization of groundwater pump & treat and multi-phase extraction systems. Preparation of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for industrial facilities. Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessment following ASTM guidelines. Developed cost estimates, construction design specifications, and remediation/construction proposals. Responsible for preparation of landfill designs including earthwork, landfill gas management systems, leachate management systems, and storm water management systems. Conducted in-situ geotechnical testing and conceptual design of former coal tar impoundment, and assisted professional engineer with final cover system design. Responsible for the design and implementation of water audit at chemical manufacturing facility to determine opportunities for sustainable water use. Conducted pilot testing and design of bioventing soil/groundwater treatment system, and engineering oversight during construction of residential POETS.

  • Member at Monitored Natural Attenuation Technical Guidance Committee

  • Member at Soil SI/RI/RA Technical Guidance Committee

  • Member at Preliminary Assessment Technical Guidance Committee

David Bausmith's Education:

  • University of Pittsburgh

    Master of Science (M.S.)
    Concentration: Research Thesis - Soil Biodegradation/Treatment of Aircraft Deicing Fluids
    Activities: Division I NCAA Assistant Gymnastics Coach and Graduate Engineering Teaching Assistant (1993-1995)
  • University of Pittsburgh

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
    Concentration: Civil Engineering
    Activities: Division I NCAA Men's Gymnastics Team (Captain 1992)

David Bausmith's Interests & Activities:

Youth Mentorship, Engineers Without Borders, In-Situ Chemical and Biological Remediation. Gymnastics, Snowboarding, Bicycling.

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